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If you are interested in volunteering in our clinics,
please contact us.

Because acupuncture is versatile and inexpensive, it is an extraordinary medicine for the poor.

It is too often reserved for us, the wealthy. Let's be grateful and — why not? — share it.

Our objective is simple: to bring acupuncture to those for whom healthcare is an inaccessible luxury.

Poverty and its inevitable suffering are a reality, but they are not set in stone. We can and should take action.

At a more global level, the approach of Barefoot Acupuncturists responds to an emergency: the absolute need to share. Because sharing is the way to a fairer, more open, livable society.

We need funds and acupuncturists

Our tool to make a difference is acupuncture.

With your own means, your own "tools", you can support us or even join us.

To support us financially:

  • Barefoot Acupuncturists
    Account: 363-0470931-36
          (ING Bank, Belgium)
    IBAN: BE46 3630 4709 3136
  • Barefoot.Slums
    Account: 008710110005250
          (Bank of India, India)
    IBAN: ID0000087
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